Global fixed-line connection reached 1.36 billion in 2022 with China leading the growth

The total number of the global fixed-line connection reached 1.36 billion in 2022, with 85 million new subscriptions added in a single year, the latest figures from the UK-based research firm Point Topic highlight.

The fixed-broadband connection comprises wired connections such as fiber, cable, and copper connections.

Of the 1.36 billion fixed-line connections, 65.7 percent are fiber connections (fiber-to-the-home or FTTH). 16.3 percent made up cable broadband, ADSL accounted for 8.8 percent and short-distance VDSL copper connection represented 6.8 percent. Satellite and fixed wireless connection represented the remaining balance.

The fiber connection has been largely influenced by the market in China. The telcos have massively invested in fiber access in the world’s largest fixed-broadband market.

In China in 2022, 600 fixed broadband connections were registered which is far ahead of the 120 million connections in the US. Both are only the two countries to have over 100 million connections. Together with Japan, Brazil, and Germany comprised the top five countries on the list.

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Global fixed-broadband connection in 2022

In terms of region, Asia – East (including China) accounted for the majority of the connection. The region topped the charts with 49.1 percent of all lines at the end of 2022. Europe came second with 13.58 percent, and Asia and others accounted for 10.82 percent. North America trialed with 10.67 percent.

undersea fiber cable

Global fixed-broadband connectivity is only going to see a further increase. The report mentions that Germany has seen exceptional market growth with operator Deutsche Telekom investing heavily in fiber access lines. In the last three months of 2022, Germany even had the highest growth rate at 17.5 percent.

In the meantime, India is seen with curiosity. The country has been a cellular data-centric one but the fixed data transport networks are built to prop up the 5G networks by Jio and Airtel, the infra of FTTH is also installed which raises the prospect for the growth of fiber connection in the country. You may want to read: Affordable Connectivity Program to Reduce Internet Bills

In fact in Q4 2022, India was third in FTTH additions globally behind China and Brazil.

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