What is a VoLTE Call on Phones? Meaning, Features Activation, and Deactivation Process | Find it All

VoLTE is an HD voice call service found on 4G-compatible phones. It allows smartphone users to make calls and use data simultaneously. Almost all modern devices come however, many are still not aware of it. In this post, we discuss the meaning of VoLTE, its features, how to use it on Android/iOS, and its limitations in detail.

If you have a 4G phone and a SIM card supported by the carrier, then you can place HD calls. Let’s first begin with the meaning of it.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE, short for Voice over LTE is a next-generation HD voice feature found on modern smartphones which enables better voice service for mobile subscribers. Once activated, users get faster call connection and clear voice during calls. The service is one of the standard yet key features in devices these days.

volte icon in status bar

How to enable VoLTE?

It’s easy to enable VoLTE on any modern smartphone. Generally, the option is found in Settings > Calls. But the exact steps vary from one to another Operating System, skin, and version. Anyway, it shouldn’t be a difficult task either.

How to activate VoLTE on Android?

Most Android smartphones have their own skin on top of Google’s Android OS. Samsung, Xiaomi/Redmi, realme, Vivo, and OnePlus all come with their own skin on top of Android OS. But still worry not. The differences are minimal.

How to activate VoLTE on Android

To activate VoLTE on Android, follow the steps below.

  • Tap Settings on your Android smartphone.
  • Go to Network and Internet or equivalent
  • Go to Call or Cellular Networks, Mobile Networks, or something similar
  • Tap Preferred Network Type
  • Select 4G or LTE whichever is available.
  • Enable VoLTE

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How to activate VoLTE on iPhone?

VoLTE is also available on Apple iPhones and just like for Android, you won’t be at difficulty starting the service on your device. You can do the following to enable VoLTE on your iPhone.

  • Tap Settings
  • Go to Cellular
  • Cellular Data must be toggled on
  • Tap Cellular Data Options
  • Tap Voice & Data
  • Make sure 4G is on or put your device on it or you can also use 5G Auto if available
  • You can also spot the VoLTE option which you can slide to activate.
how to activate volte on iphone

Depending on the software version, the steps could have some differences however, they are more similar than distinct so you will get around it easily.

How to Check if VoLTE is working on Android?

To check VoLTE working on Android, first, make sure you have a 4G and VoLTE supporting handset and SIM card (contact your carrier for this). After you have done the activation on your Android phone, please check the status bar on the top of your phone, near the signal bar which either shows the VoLTE icon or the HD call icon.

How to Check if VoLTE is working on iOS?

To make sure VoLTE working on iOS after the activation, you need to make a call with data service enabled. If your signal bar shows an LTE signal continuously when you are on a call, then this assures that VoLTE is working on your iPhone. Else, if the status bar shows 3G or 2G, then your phone is performing fallback, which means VoLTE is not working on your phone.

How to disable VoLTE on Android?

Chances are that you may opt out of using VoLTE on your Android or when there is no 4G network available, you may want to deactivate it. So, you can follow the steps below to disable VoLTE on Android.

  • Go to Settings on your Android.
  • Find Mobile Networks
  • You can find LTE or 4G options where your VOLTE Calls option or something similar is found
  • Switch it off

How to disable VoTLE on iPhone and iOS?

If your device is iPhone 6 or above, VoLTE is switched on by default. If you still don’t want to use the HD voice service, you can disable it easily. The following steps will be enough to disable VoTLE on iPhone / iOS devices:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select a Mobile option and Mobile Data Options
  • Now you will notice Enable LET so you have to press the Data Only option which deactivates LTE.

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VoLTE features

VoLTE has some distinguishing features for the calls. It offers faster call connection and HD voice where the sounds are clearer than on legacy networks such as 2G and 3G. But the best advantage of it is that users can smoothly use data while also making calls. On a regular 4G network (that is without VoLTE), you can’t use 4G internet on your mobile phone when you make a call as it falls back to either 3G or 2G but VoLTE unlocks this ability.

Additionally, it’s a modern feature and with many telcos phasing out older networks in many urban areas, having this service is definitely a must.

Here are the top features of VoLTE service.

  • Faster call setup
  • HD voice quality, which sounds crystal clear
  • Simultaneous call and 4G data
  • Video calls (over the native call app) on Android
  • Smooth handover to 2G, 3G when 4G is not available (SRVCC)

VoLTE has disadvantages too

There are some demerits to VoLTE. VoLTE requires a compatible phone and a SIM card. All mobile phones these days come with at least 4G network support and SIM cards are also 4G-supported by default but network availability could still be an issue to be grappled with. Still, in many remote regions, 4G technologies remain elusive so it means VoLTE won’t work there.

The battery can also be expected to drain faster when VoLTE is turned on. As the device keeps connecting to the 4G network or looks for it, the juice of the battery is consumed faster compared to when the device is on 2G. However, the battery expenditure is better than 3G. Similarly, VoLTE will remain the predominant call technology for the 5G network, especially with NSA (Non-Standalone Architecture) 5G network. 

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