China Achieves 100 Gbps Transmission Speed for 6G

A team in China has achieved 100 Gbps wireless transmission in 6G which could potentially unlock the potential of the more unhidden capacity of the next-gen cellular technology. An institute that goes by No. 25 announced the milestone recently much to global intrigue.

Wireless technology continues to see major breakthroughs, especially in data transmission speeds. The 5G network has already unlocked the potential of a Gbps speed and minimal latency. But to the surprise, developers are achieving greater feats even before the world reaps the full benefits of 5G.

The latest success story in China marks another milestone in the 6G race.

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China achieves 100 Gbps 6G speed

No. 25 completed the historic real-time wireless transmission of data in terahertz frequency. This historic achievement could lead the way for developers to achieve faster and more efficient 6G networks in the coming future.  

The demand for faster data rate is needed for diverse internet use cases from streaming to downloading/upload multi-tasking, AR/VR, AI, etc. At the same time, low latency is another requirement here. For this, most developers are using terahertz frequency for 6G research and development. It is held potent for offering bandwidth for higher-speed transmissions.

Fiber connections suffer from external environmental factors, difficult geography, lengthy deployment times, and high costs. Wireless communication is expected to be dominant and more agile in the future. There are estimates that the global number of base stations will reach 62 percent by 2023. China also leads the world in the total number of 5G towers.

The Institute used advanced antennas and various beam modes to increase bandwidth utilization. The 100 Gbps 6G speed by No. 25 Institute in China is the major one. The achievement could open up various applications such as short-range broadband transmissions and high-speed data transfer between space exploration vehicles along with other heavy data-reliant use cases.

The successor of the 5G technology, 6G will be ready to launch in 2028 as global states and telcos believe.

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