China Achieves 6G Speed Breakthrough, Tops 206.25 Gbps

China achieved its 6G speed breakthrough at the expense of the state-backed institute Purple Mountain Laboratories that witnessed a world-record 206.25 Gbps throughput, for the first time in a lab setting.

The demo leveraged a home-developed wireless communication system in Terahertz frequency (360-430). The lab noted that its 206.25 Gbps speed is 10-20 times faster than 5G.

The Chinese media reported that this 6G demo was supported by a government project on undefined 6G systems. China’s largest telecom operator China Mobile and Fudan University also participated in this remarkable 6G demo.

As per the laboratory, the test carries a broader significance. It believes their 6G breakthrough speed will have a wide range of applications. The team realized that its 6G standard could integrate with existing fiber optical networks that could potentially expand 100 – 1000 Gbps outdoor and indoor high-speed access and also replace the existing mobile network fiber optical networks for rapid deployment. It will also replace a huge amount of cables used in the data center and reduce the cost for infrastructure setup.

China’s 6G Advances

Having built the world’s largest base stations of 5G network, China is also seeking a lead on its successor 6G. China owns 40.3% of global 6G patents filings. The US trails at second with 35.2%, Japan 9.9%, and Europe with 8.9%. The 5G speed leader South Korea accounts for 4.2% of 6G patents filing so far, as per Nikkei

Nikkei also reported that China’s 6G patents are most concerned with mobile infrastructure technology. Huawei, the prominent tech giant leads the lot with most patent filings, with State Grid Corporation of China and China Aerospace Science and Technology, both state-run companies following behind.

Although the world has not woken up to 5G’s real promises let alone its prowess, developers are already setting a date for the 6G launch. Huawei projects that 6G products could launch early around 2030. Samsung, LG both have run their own 6G demos and they also believe that the sixth-gen mobile network will begin before 2030.

China is leaving no stone unturned to lead the telecommunications race. With gear vendors such as Huawei, its mobile communication tech and innovation remains world-class already. But can it surpass the US and Asian competitors in the next-gen mobile standard? Do share what you think in the comments below.

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