6G Partnership between Japan and US for Unmanned Tech

Japan and US have joined hands together to lead the 6G partnership for unmanned technology. The collaboration will purposely help the Asian nation to contain China’s own 6G lead in the region.

The partnership will specifically focus on cementing their place in projects that include self-driving cars and fully automated factories, Nikkei Asia reports.

To spearhead this joint collaboration, Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Communications will soon form a group by September.

While 5G is struggling to justify its use cases, and let alone its broadband performance, states are already pushing for 6G standard lead. Leading developers and tech companies have estimated that the next-generation mobile network standard will begin at least its testing around 2030.

Japan and US’s 6G partnership to be diverse

Japan and US partnership will work on a range of industries, including cell phones, communication devices, drones, automobiles, etc.

To further strengthen this alliance, US partners will be invited for the development of software and overseas expansion.

There is also a plan to commercialize a technology for chi-scale atomic clocks. Japan estimates it will be ready by fiscal 2025.  

The partnership will be one to annoy China. It leads the world on the number of 5G base stations and have the arsenal of leading tech companies like Huawei, ZTE, Alibaba Group Holdings, and Tencent Holdings. These companies are developing unmanned tech powered by 6G.

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Plan for Atomic-Powered Clocks

Japan’s government will bring funding for R & D for pilot testing for related projects. This support will come for four years beginning fiscal 2022.  

Japan’s Communications ministry will assist with specialized semiconductors developed by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NIoICT).

The milestone project will oversee new advances in atomic clocks added to automated vehicles and drones. This will help track their time and locations more precisely.

 China has made successive strides in the 6G standard. Recently, they achieved the world’s fastest 6G throughput in a customized test. Now, they have developed a hypersonic missile system that can utilize 6G for precision. In this, the tussle between super-power countries to realize 6G’s potentials are more than likely. Besides, China is already the world’s greatest 5G nation in terms of base stations. Its advances have certainly not gone down too well with its fierce competitors.

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