China To Deploy 3.64 MN 5G Base Stations By 2025

China’s rapid 5G expansion has been nothing but enviable. The world’s largest telecommunication market has already built over 1 million 5G base stations and serves 450 million users. Never slowing down in its technology race, China now plans to triple the number of 5G base stations by 2025.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has revealed the plan to build 3.64 million 5G base stations across countrywide within four years.

The plan involves a set of fascinating statistics. Once implemented, there will be 26 5G base stations covering every 10,000 5G subscribers. Last year in 2020, there were just 5 of that hardware for every 10,000 5G people in China.

Under this plan, China also seeks to grow 5G coverage from a 15% subscriber base in 2020 to 56% in 2021.

5G network operates in higher frequencies meaning the coverage is comprised of ultra-high broadband capacity. Having more base stations will result in consistent and efficient broadband performance.

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China Developing A Uniform 5G Coverage

China is taking the 5G race seriously and wants to lead the next-gen mobile network by example. The country has the world’s largest 5G base stations network and seeks uniform coverage around the country.

Xie Cun, Director of Information and Communication Development Department at MIIT said that China already has more than 1.5 million 5G base stations. This accounts for over 70% of the global number of 5G cell towers. This includes the coverage in all prefecture-level cities in China. 5G availability has reached 97% of counties and 40% of rural towns in China.

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Cun says China has already implemented 5G in 22 industries including manufacturing, mining, health, medical, etc. This makes China one of the first to pioneer industry applications of the revolutionary cellular network.

“In the next step, we will work with other parties to focus on promoting 5G applications in 15 industries that target information consumption, the real economy, and people’s livelihood services,” Xie said.

Chinese Telcos Add More 5G Subscribers

China’s 5G subscriber is one of the largest in the world. The country has already amassed over 450 million users. As per the latest figures, Chinese telecom operators added a total of 43.88 million new 5G users in September.   

China Mobile, the largest telco in the world in terms of subscribers, gained 27.08 million 5G subscribers in September. Adding to the total, the telecom company now serves 331.22 million 5G users.

SNTelecom operatorsSubscribers added in SeptemberTotal 5G Subscribers
1China Mobile27.08 MN331.22 MN
2China Unicom7.88 MN136.94 MN
3China Telecom8.92 MN155.54 MN
Data for September 2021

China Unicom, China’s second-largest telco after China Mobile added 7.88 5G subscribers in September. This takes its total 5G users to a total of 136.94 million.

Another telecom company, China Telecom also had a significant 5G customer gains. In September, the telco added 8.92 million new subscribers to its fifth-gen network taking its total to 155.54 million.

With China building on its 5G revolution, the world states will watch shock and awe and try to catch up with the communist state.

With China leading the 5G race in terms of base stations, which countries do you think would develop the most potent 5G ecosystem to challenge China? Do leave your valuable insights in the comments below.

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