5 Huawei 5G phones get Bluetooth Certification, could be launched later in 2023

5 new Huawei 5G phones have been certified by the Bluetooth SIG giving yet another evidence that the Chinese phone maker is bringing its new handsets with the next-generation connectivity after a few years of absence.

Those devices in concern are ADA-AN00, PSD-AN00, ADA-TN00, BLK-AN00, and BLK-TN00 with A. The TN reportedly stands for its 5G capability. Huawei phones such as the premium Mate 50, Mate X3, and P60 Pro all have an AL in their names- CET-AL00, ALT-AL00, and MNA-AL00 respectively which refers to their LTE support.

So far, little is known about these devices apart from the fact that they will support the much-anticipated 5G connectivity on a Huawei phone.  What is also known for sure is that each device supports Bluetooth 5.2 connection.

Due to the US ban, Chinese phone makers are left without 5G chips from US companies such as Qualcomm which have forced Huawei to stick with the 4G option on its phones. However, the recent developments could hint at the tech giant stirring itself onto the premium smartphone market with the latest wireless communication standard’s integration.

Huawei has also landed 40 partners to build on its HarmonyOS ecosystem, its equivalent of Google’s Android.

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A haul of Huawei devices on the list

In addition to the 5G Huawei phones, there are certifications for the Huawei nova 13, nova 14, nova 15, and nova 16 series smartphones. Based on their code IDs, each device will arrive in vanilla, Pro, and Ultra variants with 5G connectivity.

Reuters has reported that Huawei is working with Chinese semiconductor SMIC to develop 5G chipsets. It’s said that the chipset will use SMIC’s N+1 manufacturing process and Huawei’s electronic design automation (EDA) software. Up to 2 to 4 million 5G chipsets are said to be produced in the first phase.

Huawei will launch its first-ever 5G handsets later in 2023 which could arrive in its high-end Mate 60 series.

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