Huawei gets 40 strategic partners to grow HarmonyOS ecosystem

Chinese tech giant Huawei has landed 40 strategic partners into cooperation to develop and grow its HarmonyOS ecosystem. The cooperation was ratified in a signing ceremony at HDC 2023

Together with Huawei, all the members in the partnership will conduct an all-around cooperation in technological innovation, industrial cooperation, and business cooperation, among others. Providing user experience through premium services is also a part of the plan.

Yu Chengdong, Executive Director of Huawei, CEO of Device BG, CEO of Smart Car Solution BU, Zhu Yonggang, President of Huawei Device Cloud Services, Ji Rengui, President of Global Ecological Development and Operations Department of Huawei Device BG, and representatives of partners were among the participants in the signing ceremony.

Forced away from using Google’s Android services, the company launched its own equivalent in 2020 but has been struggling to make a mark outside China. Now with over 3 dozen stakeholders, the conglomerate could be in for a major boost as it seeks to tap into foreign markets with its own smartphone OS.

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To start with, HarmonyOS is an open-source cross-platform OS built to connect smartphones and smart homes, IoT, and several smart devices. The OS has opened up AI-based language model capabilities for its partners and developers.

The cooperation is not unique and the first time though. Some of the partners who have signed the strategic partnership have already been working with Huawei. But the fresh attempt is to extend their collaboration to the next level.

Companies who have signed to join the HarmonyOS eco-system are:

Xiaohongshu, China Merchants Bank, Ctrip, Meitu,, 360 Browser, Netease Youdao Dictionary, Shimo Document, classln application, Hongen Literacy, Hanvon Technology, Zuoyebang, Yi Brain map MindMaster application, meeting, 2345 Haopress, Baby Bus, Himalaya, Xunfei Hearing, Haochen CAD, Handheld Life, Postal Savings Bank of China, Titanium Media, Driving Test Book, Shusheng Electronics, Bank of Communications, China CITIC Bank, Industrial Development Securities, CNR, Sohu News, Dragonfly FM, JD Health, Dongka Space, Oriental Fortune, Tiantian Fund, Great Wisdom, Shenzhen CA Signature, Chinasoft International, China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, and other application and service providers.

Despite being largely concentrated in China and some Asian markets, Huawei’s HarmonyOS has 700 connected million devices which include smartphones, TVs, to cars.

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