T-Mobile Collaboration with Disney and others for 5G innovation

In the unlikeliest of alliances, T-Mobile collaboration with Disney has been formalized that will help the entertainment company drive their 5G innovation. Together, the carrier will join hands to develop Mixed Reality and Virtual Presence creating a new immersive viewing experience for cinema lovers.

Meanwhile, the carrier also tied an agreement with Red Bull to elevate the broadcasting methodology of extreme sports.

The partnership is part of T-Mobile’s 5G Forward initiative that includes developer platform DevEdge, and the company’s investment for SingalWire, and Spectro Cloud.

The partnership with Disney StudioLAB and Red Bull will open the respective companies for their next innovations based on fifth-gen technology. With T-Mobile, Disney will explore immersive experiences such as Mixed Reality and Virtual Presence. Red Bull will seek to enhance live-action sports with 5G power drones and cameras. The company with the help of T-Mobile’s 5G will deliver multiple streams with cameras in helmets and cockpits around the drones.

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Innovative way of Story Telling

It is obvious that a partnership between a cellular network provider and a movie studio is intriguing and may not make sense. But 5G, due to its extreme high-speed capacity and low latency, any industry could see its application. Disney likewise, is keen to cash in on the next-gen mobile broadband to drive a new innovative story-telling to keep their viewers hooked.

By using exploring new possibilities with Mixed Reality and Virtual Presence, Disney will create an immersive experience for its viewers to keep them in the world of their own cinemas.

T-Mobile is a leading carrier provider in the USA and has recently observed that 50% of its network is now on 5G. As US carriers accelerate their 5G coverage in the mid-band spectrum, T-Mobile is also raising its stakes across the US.

T-Mobile DevEdge for developers

T-Mobile’s DevEdge is another benchmark initiation for T-Mobile. It is a developer platform that provides the resources to the developers to start their 5G innovation. This includes providing developers with pre-certified modules, chipsets, and necessary devices.

Developers also get open source projects to improve their own works with compliance monitoring and other tools.

T-Mobile boasts US’s largest 5G penetration. Till January, the carrier had 310 million people on 5G whereas over 210 million were on its Ultra Capacity 5G (mid-band 2.5 GHz).

The 5G is gaining blanket coverage in the US and building on new 5G products. Will 5G even reach its potential before 6G talks set in around 2030? Do offer your inputs on it in the comments below.

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