Switzerland to issue private 5G frequencies in January 2024

Federal Office of Communications (Bakom) of Switzerland is set to open private 5G frequencies from January 1, 2024. The 3400-3500 MHz frequencies will allow Swiss companies to form localized private cellular networks called “campus networks” based on 5G.

With campus networks, operators can deploy and operate their own 5G mobile networks. This is particularly useful for logistics, retail, hospitals, and airports where local networks will be able to leverage 5G’s high-speed broadband capacity for the efficient operation of the companies.

Campus networks allow universities, service industries, and organizations to set up customized networks within a specific area.

Bakom said that these networks will enable in-house communication however, won’t be for large-scale applications such as autonomous vehicles and urban coverage.

Likewise, OFCOM will grant frequency concessions to help companies set up private 5G networks. The resources will be exclusive to those that cannot provide third-party telecom services.

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Why private 5G?

As states and operators struggle to find a commercial scenario of 5G, private 5G is emerging as a vital use case for this next-generation cellular technology.

Leveraging private 5G, campus networks promises better industrial automation, and fast response times for logistics, hospitals, airports, etc. Private 5G networks offer operational autonomy and high reliability, unlike WLAN networks.

Swiss move is in line with the European 5G standards and comes following a migration of existing applications in the 3400-3500 MHz range frequency.

Presently, the authorities are developing the regulatory framework which will be ready later this year. The regulator said that the private 5G network will be a milestone step towards localized innovation and connectivity.  

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