ZTE starts work on 6G tech, aims for 1 million Gbps speed

Chiene teleom giant ZTE says its has started a work on key 6G technologies with an aim to get the monstrous 1 million Gbps speed. The hyperbolic goal is part of the firm’s ongoing effort to achieve new potential with the next-generation cellular standard.

While the 1 million Gbps seems overwhelming, the company says it is committed to innovation and R&D into the 6G project. In the first quarter of this year, the company has spent 16.1 billion yuan in research projects. The amount is 17% of its total operating income. On the occasion of addressing the futuristic evolution of mobile networks, the company said that 6G is the next revolution but is only in the early stage.

Its project for the next-generation mobile technology i consists of deep technical layouts and research and the company is taking its steps very consciously to inspire an innovative society.

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Currently, the global telcos are actively working on 5G expansion, but at the same time, they are also gearing up to amplify their 6G efforts to mark an early lead. States, and vendors worldwide are also reinforcing their ambition. Japan has announced $450 million in its 6G research and development. South Korea, Vietnam, telco gear providers such as Nokia, Huawei, Samsung have all accelerated their recent 6G efforts.

Despite its early stage work, many agree that 6G will commercial rollout before 2030. But the aim of 1 million Gbps set by ZTE seems ridiculously exciting.

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