T-Mobile expands its Ultra Capacity 5G to 300 million Americans

In recent months, T-Mobile has been very aggressive with its 5G expansion as competition heats up building a powerful fifth-generation network ecosystem. And recently, the telco said that its coverage capacity has reached 300 million mobile users with its Ultra Capacity 5G service.  

Seems like the milestone has been favoring it as of late as it continues exhilarating 5G growth. Recently, T-Mobile outperformed Verizon and AT&T across all categories in Ookla’s third-quarter speed tests. The study found that T-Mobile’s median 5G Ultra Capacity download speed clocked 163.59 Mbps while the upload speed touched 11.31 Mbps. These are not the otherworldly speed capacities that 5G literature had us expect. However, these are improvements and the real are increasing.

High-speed data rate is one of 5G’s major advantages and T-Mobile seems to have the upper hand at the moment. It will be interesting to see how the competition unfolds in the months to come though.

T-Mobile Ultra Capacity 5G covers 300 million users

And with the speed, T-Mobile has also reached more people- 300 million subscribers which translates to the majority of Americans. The achievement comes ahead of its plan. The telco had earlier planned to touch the milestone at the end of 2023. At the moment, T-Mobile has 116 million customers.

The benefit of increased coverage penetration is that the company’s 5G Home Internet will also grow in availability which stands at around 50 million.

5G is accelerating in the US in both quantity and quality and T-Mobile is currently leading the charge. The competition though is highly competitive as Verizon and AT&T are also prominent with their own 5G development.

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