Russia will quit 3G by 2030 and focus on next-gen technologies

Russia plans to shut down the 3G network by 2030 to shift focus to next-generation technologies. The country’s Ministry of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media recently devised a draft strategy that outlines ways to develop the domestic communications sector until 2035.

The document mentions a focus on promoting the fourth, fifth, and sixth generations of domestic equipment while switching off 3G networks.

The strategy assumes the transition to newer-generation cellular standards. After abandoning the 3G, the authorities will shift their focus on the trial and expansion of 5G and 6G-Ready equipment. The plan also mentions the infrastructure-sharing by telecom operators while deploying 5G and 6G networks by 2030.

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Ensuring 1 Gbps speed

Russia also plans to connect 98 percent of households to the internet with a minimum speed of 1 Gbps. There is also a plan to completely replace LTE equipment with homemade telecom equipment (TKO). And in cities with over 100 thousand of population, 5G deployment is planned using domestic gear. At this very time, commercial 6G is also teased.

The draft includes the idea of sharing modern and future generations of mobile communications. It is also proposed to use low-orbit satellites.

Using the 4,400-4,990 MHz band for 5G services is also considered.  

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