The new SIM rule commences in India, Find out all new changes

The government of India has implemented new SIM card rules in India. Initially announced back in August, the provisions bring a myriad of changes to how selling and distribution of SIM card will take place. These new rules came effective from December 01.

The rules include the ban on sale of bulk SIM cards, compulsory registration at PoS franchises, police verification of SIM card dealers, etc. Here is the list of the new changes in SIM card transactions in India.

New SIM Card rules in India

From mandatory registration for PoS agents to KYC submission for SIM replacement and, the ban on bulk SIM sales, here are the details you need to know about the new SIM card rules in India.

Registration requirements:

The new rules state that PoS agents will need to sign an agreement with service providers or licensee and ensure they won’t in any circumstance inspire any illegal and criminal activities. If in case, they are found to have breached the law, they could face a penalty of up to ₹10 lakh and their partnership with a telecom company will be terminated for three years. This move will expectedly help the government iron out rogue sellers and curb the crimes emanating from SIM Cards. Sellers have 12 months to sign up with the new rules.

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KYC for SIM cards

The new SIM card rule means that a user will have to process a KYC thoroughly for a SIM replacement. Likewise, there will be a 24-hour service bar on SMS services. It’s also worthwhile to mention that a new customer will get a SIM card after 90 days of its passivity from the previous user.   

Subscribers will need to submit demographic details for buying new SIM cards or seeking a new SIM card for an existing number. The user data will be collected by scanning the QR code on the Adhar card of the user.

Adhar Card India

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Bulk SIM card sale ‘prohibited’

The Indian government has banned the sale of SIM cards in bulk. This provision exempts businesses, corporates, and events with KYC forms but every end user will have to submit their own KYC details.

Still, Indian mobile subscribers will be able to buy up to 9 SIM cards on one ID card.  The country’s union minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said that stopping the sale of bulk SIM cards will help contain fraudulent calls.

The revised rules are expected to identify, and process rogue SIM card sellers while containing SIM card frauds, scams, and other illegal activities.

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