LG Will Demonstrate 6G in The South Korean Exhibition

Tech giant LG will demonstrate 6G technology at the 2021 Korea Science and Technology Exhibition Korea Science and Technology Exhibition. At the two-day event, the company will bring to the world its version of 6G progress which is held at Kintex, I1san from.

At the event, LG will be unveiling a power amplifier for 6G which will be in its cooperation with the Fraunhofer Research Institute, Germany.

But it’s not the first time LG is testing its 6G network. Previously, the South Korean tech leader ran its 6G power amplifier test in August. In that test, the company successfully achieved data transmission outdoor within 100 meters in Terahertz frequency.

Besides, it has also tested its adaptive beamforming technology for high-speed data performance in cooperation with Keysight Technologies.

5G can offer up to 20 Gbps in its ideal peak performance. Compared to it, 6G will go much higher till 1Tbps in its optimal environment. The credit goes to the ultra-high Terahertz frequency.

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6G Network Gains Momentum

It is amazing how technology never stops. 5G has not arrived at the majority of the countries yet, neither have their true capacity unleashed yet. However, the 6G hype is already catching up.

LG is not the first to make early strides in the next-gen 6G race. Samsung, its domestic competitor has already tested 6G back in June. The company was also using a Terahertz frequency (140 GHz) for the customized sixth-gen network and achieved a throughput of 6.2 Gbps across 15 meters.

Samsung believes its 6G technology could embark on the first testing as early as 2028 and fancies its commercial deployment around 2030. Huawei, meanwhile, is also launching satellites for 6G testing. Nokia is working together with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to develop 5G and 6G at the university’s Tech Lab campus in Sydney down under.

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Meanwhile, LG is expecting 2029 for the commercialization of 6G. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for other companies to supersede LG’s target year.

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