Huawei reveals satellite internet progress with 600 Mbps download speed

Huawei, the leading global tech giant has unveiled its latest endeavor- this time the conglomerate has shown working on satellite internet which hints at it giving a challenge to the US company SpaceX’s Starlink satellite communication service.  Wang Jun, the chief scientist at Huawei’s 6G wireless lab, revealed these results at the Aerospace Information Industry International Ecosystem Event in Chongqing, China.

Huawei’s Starlink-like internet is its latest attempt to mount its challenge amidst growing pressure from the West.  The company has been struggling with its smartphone business and 5G expansion due to the heavy US sanctions since 2019. The embargo has barred the US tech companies from any deals with the Chinese firm. The cross-platform open source HarmonyOS which powers its newer electronic devices is the direct result of the US hit.

Additionally, the company has seen its smartphone industry nosedive due to the restriction of getting 5G chips from US companies. The latest Huawei Mate 60 Pro with a 7nm 5G SoC is an attempt to respond and demonstrate its self-sustainability.

Recently, the company showed the results of its satellite internet and fascinatingly, it’s too good.

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Huawei working on satellite internet for mobile phones

Huawei seems serious about its satellite internet project. The company has run a low-Earth orbit satellite which is similar to Starlink communication. It revealed the results in slides on Weibo and one presentation revealed that the company managed the speed of up to 600 Mbps in the test.

Unsurprisingly, the company’s Mate 60 Pro has the ability to connect with geostationary satellites which represents its broader aims. Maybe, the company is looking at creating a bigger ecosystem with its smartphones given it has its home-brewed smartphone OS as well.

Huawei hasn’t disclosed many details about its satellite communication service. We don’t know which satellites it has used either. However, it’s only clear that it’s deadly serious on it. China has been sending a large number of LEO satellites into space so this also raises the possibility of Huawei’s earnestness. We know that Huawei is China’s key vehicle to drive the country’s technology independence in the face of heavy US sanctions and the tech company is also equipped with resources for it.  

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Huawei hasn’t revealed which satellites were used to test out this internet service. China has recently been launching its own low Earth orbit satellites. A commercial service similar to Starlink might take some time to arrive, but it’s clear now that this is something that Huawei is seriously interested in.

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