Huawei launches lightweight 5G that’s 20% more power efficient than 4G

Global Chinese tech giant Huawei has recently unveiled RedCap 5G technology at the global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) 2023. This tech, as Huawei describes, is lightweight and uses 20 percent less energy to operate than 4G.  

5G is currently the most talked about and debated wireless communication standard. The super-efficient broadband technology has been questioned for its justification in the real world. Many, on the other hand, are exploring solutions and measures to grow its use cases and make it more effective. Huawei is one of the major gear vendors with significant contributions in the 5G sphere. The company holds the highest number of 5G patents as well. Its new Lightweight 5G could be a solid new measure to harbor new milestones for the extremely high-speed mobile broadband technology. You may want to check it out: 4G Vs. 5G: Everything You Need To Know

RedCap 5G is expected to forge a balance between costs and performance for industries including manufacturing, home broadband, wearables., etc

Huawei lightweight 5G cost

Huawei’s lightweight 5G RedCap modules cost as low as $10. This is 80% more cost-friendly than the 5G eMBB modules. It is also said that the Huawei 5G RedCap gives 10 times higher network efficiency than 4G and uses 20 percent less power than the 4G LTE standard.

That’s not it, the Huawei 5G RedCap modules deliver 10 times higher network capacity than 4G and also consume about 20% less power than 4G.

Reports have it that the prominent 5G frontrunner Huawei has ambitions with the lightweight 5G. The tech giant will extend the RedCap 5G tech to the global industry and might achieve 100 million connections in the next three years.

5G is the successor to the 4G LTE wireless communication standard and comes with a huge throughput capacity. 5G can deliver up to 20 Gbps speed far exceeding the capacity of any previous-generation cellular technology. Check out: Huawei and Vodafone trial world’s first GL 900 MHz dynamic spectrum

As 5G starts gathering momentum, Huawei’s continuous work on this technology could help justify its use cases, and viability at the same time 6G development continues to take solid shape.

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