Huawei, China Mobile to provide ultra-gig fiber internet

Huawei and China Mobile have successfully established an FTTH-B network for the tourist base camp and hotel on Mount Everest, Nepal. The tech will unleash ultra-gigabit premium WiFi services for tourists on top of the world. This service is inspired by Huawei’s FTTH-B (Fiber-to-the-Room Business) solutions.

The telco’s staff will use the network to check for environmental protection devices dispatch high-res photos and videos and log to the Mount Everest Administration Bureau regularly. The management office of the tourist camp stands at 5,200 meters from the sea level.

Prior to this, the team had been suffering from frame freezing, poor speed while uploading photos and videos, and even witnessed failed uploads. The high-speed FTTR-B network elevates the network’s efficiency and allows staff to benefit from the high-speed WiFi connectivity.

Besides, the FTTR-B solution has also been installed in a tourist hotel in a town that’s above 4,200 meters from the sea level. This will enable guests to log in to their check-ins efficiently. With the FTTR-B solution, Huawei says that up to 300 hotel guests will enjoy high-speed internet at the same time while allowing hotel reception staff to handle their jobs more smoothly.

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Huawei FTTH-B solution for premium WiFi internet experience

Huawei and China Mobile both collaboratively launched the FTTR-B solution in China to provide ultra-gigabit all-optical networking for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The solution is ideal for hotels shops and other small ventures for high-speed connectivity.

FTTR-B devices consist of triple-mode antennas. They are easily installed on ceilings or walls which helps to provide full Wi-Fi coverage across a wide indoor area. The technology makes use of power over fiber (PoF) cables to transmit signals and supply power to devices at the same time. This alleviates issues of difficult power acquisition.

Next, Huawei and China Mobile aim to expand the FTTH-B solution to the Everest Base Camp in 2024. This will allow tourists and climbers to enjoy gigabit internet in the secluded tourist hotspot. Also recommended: Huawei launches lightweight 5G that’s 20% more power efficient than 4G

Huawei says that it will continue to work with China Mobile to deploy gigabit optical networks with innovative technologies to provide flagship internet experiences.

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