China to continuously work on both 5G and 6G development

China plans to work on both 5G and 6G together. Already running ahead in the fifth-generation network, the Asia country seeks to prop up its place in the technology race by developing both networks in tandem.

Wireless communications is advancing at full speed and China wants to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that it remains in prominence among the global leaders. 5G and 6G are its vital arsenal for that purpose.  

At the opening stage of the 31st PT Expo China in Beijing, China’s Minister of Industry and Information Technology Jin Zhuanglong said that China will speed up the establishment of virtual private networks in 5G and boost 5G application scenarios in the country.

He continued, “China will continuously optimize the infrastructure layout and build a batch of 5G factories to ensure coverage of high-quality networks such as 5G and Gigabit optical networks.”

Likewise, Chairman of China Telecom Ke Ruiwen said that the company has been building an all-optical network, with gigabit optical networks now covering more than 300 cities.

another telecom giant China Mobile said it leads about 200 international standards for 5G and has applied for over 4,100 patents.

China Tower says that the company has transformed 200,000 communication towers smarter by integrating them with 5G and artificial intelligence.

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China to continue 6G development while accelerating 5G progress

Jin added that China is advancing the research and development of sixth-generation (6G) technology while seeking to empower the next-generation internet and other innovations.

China is diversifying use cases of modern technologies and promoting unified applications for wide-spanning industries.

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Minister Jin said that the country will speed up the incubation process of emerging sectors and also make efforts to enhance full industrial chains in mobile and optical communication sectors.

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