Tibet Builds Over 9500 5G Base Stations, Users Reach 1.03 Million

Over 9500 5G base stations have been built in Tibet, the autonomous region of China. The development aligns perfectly with the country’s aim of boosting its lead in the latest cellular technology across the world.

The growth in 5G towers has also translated into an increase in fifth-generation network mobile subscribers. As per the reports, the advanced network is nearing 1.03 million users in the regions, a 5G+ industrial internet conference revealed.

By the end of March, 74 county-level areas in Tibet had been connected by the 5G network.

Plans for more 5G base stations in Tibet

Tibet is adding more than 2300 5G base stations in 2023 while at the same time, the number of the towers is expected to reach 18000 by 2025, almost double the current state. Southwest China’s region seeks to leverage the ultra-high-speed network for the digital transformation of its industries.

5G users

The first-ever 5G base station in Tibet was installed in 2019. The course has gradually evolved at an industrial scale. The region has adopted the 5G network in applications in education, health, medical care, transport, etc.

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Broader picture

The 5G momentum in Tibet is part of the Chinese drive to grow in leaps and bounds in the next-generation cellular technology. China already leads the world with the highest number of 5G towers. As per recent reports, the country has a total of 2.29 million 5G towers across the country, leading the world by a large share. Related: China To Deploy 3.64 MN 5G Base Stations By 2025

China has widely adopted 5G in its economy and seeks to extend the application across various sectors and regions.   

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